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About Me

As a former small business owner who grew up on a family dairy farm here in Wisconsin, I truly understand the struggles of the working middle class. Today, I live with my husband, Reed, in Mount Horeb, and every day I am reminded of the need to protect and support small towns and businesses, rural agriculture, and our precious environment. It has been my honor to serve Wisconsinites in the State Assembly since 2002.


My committee assignments have included Education, Urban Education, State Affairs and Homeland Security, Corrections, Consumer Protection, Children and Families, Government Oversight & Accountability, Aging and Long-Term Care, Housing, Small Business, Medicaid Reform, and Rules.  I have also been appointed to many Task Forces and Special Committees such as Task Forces on both Urban and and Rural Education; the Blue Ribbon Commission on Public Education Funding, the Task Force on Common Core State Standards, and the recent Water Quality Task Force. 

During my years of service, I have experienced vast changes to our state and worked through many complicated issues. I have been honored to represent you for the past 18 years, and I will continue to be a strong voice for the needs of our community and state in the years to come. My commitment remains solid, and I will continue to speak out and work for the people I serve.

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